October 18, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Marketing evolves faster and faster every year; no one can predict what the next big thing will be. With the emergence of social media and various e-services on the rise, one constant has remained: video. Video marketing is more effective now than ever. If you’re not utilizing video, your business will fall behind.


It’s one thing to say video marketing is taking over the web, but it is another to see how. As the world is now, over 40% of consumers watch online videos on a weekly basis. On a monthly scale, that number climbs to 70%. Videos deliver a powerful message with sound and pictures, and even in our busy lives, it’s always just a click away. In a recent study about online advertising, Borrell & Associates discovered that video marketing will account for more than 1/3rd of ALL online advertising within the next 5 years. In related survey, online video outranked Facebook, Twitter, blogs and podcasts in terms of their marketing effectiveness and viewer response rates. Video clearly dominates.

What Should You Film?

The best part about video production is how versatile it can be for your business. Every facet of your business could be the subject of your next great video: testimonials, case studies, services, outreach, portfolio, and so on. All of these aspects can be developed into a series and updated regularly to show news, offerings and more. To take it to the next level, you can link different pages to and from your video. With any video, you could prompt viewers to contact you, sign-up, donate, purchase, etc. Now your videos are directing the audience exactly where you want them to go, and – best of all – inciting action!

The Fine Print

Business operations don’t just fall into place this easily, do they? Thanks to social video networks such as YouTube, sharing and distributing social video and video advertisements is easier than ever. Any video can be published on virtually every social network, with space for commentary, comments, and conversation. Videos can be hosted for free on various networks and can be published on your website with ease.

Video is a powerful and growing marketing tool for businesses who really want to maximize their marketing efforts.

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