May 28, 2010

Know Your Role

Rather than sell you on an undefined, mysterious bundle of services promising you magical results, Splendor Design Group encourages you to become involved. If you prefer to turn over every single aspect of your marketing to someone, we’d be happy to oblige you. But especially in tough economic times, it makes sense – to us anyway – that the people most directly affected by their own marketing (i.e. – the clients) take a more proactive approach.

But before we go too far down the wrong road – let’s make one thing perfectly clear. You do what you do best, and we do what we do best. For example, we’re not going to tell an electrician how to wire our house, nor a doctor how to suture our wounds. Likewise, when it comes to graphic design, we prefer that you leave it up to us to handle the illustration, layout, color selection, typography and programming of your project.

While we do seek feedback from our clients along the way, we ask that you trust in our professional, award-winning design abilities to know what looks good, and, more importantly, what performs well in design and layout. Remember – what looks good to you may not actually communicate to your target audience as well as you think.

But in marketing, a little planning can go a long way. Giving consideration to who your competitors are will help. And how about your customers? Where are they? What is the age bracket? Where might they look for your products and services? This type of analysis and questioning not only enables us to design around your needs more effectively, but it also creates better awareness for you. The more you think about issues like this, the better equipped you’ll be to propel your business in the right direction.

So get involved and take an interest in your marketing and advertising, but know your role, and learn to appreciate and respect the role of your hired design and advertising professionals.