October 31, 2011

Integrating SEO and PR

Deciding where to focus your energies and resources is a challenge, especially when it comes to marketing your business. There are plenty of options, to be sure, but a system is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, there needs to be equal distribution among initiatives. SEO (search engine optimization) and PR (public relations) are two services that integrate easily.

While SEO deals with your return rate from search engines, PR deals with your presence on and off the web. Where a division used to exist between the two, they are becoming intertwined. To maximize your business’s presence in the world, it is now important to combine these two efforts into one. But how?




To simplify the task of marketing, try using your SEO within your PR. In other words, make your press releases SEO friendly by peppering them with keywords. With this, your messages will contain a necessary ingredient of SEO: keyword-rich content. This type of content is beneficial beyond traditional distribution of your news (PR) – it also builds “rank” among web-crawling robot programs that scour the internet for relevant content. Additionally, if you include contact information for your business – ideally with a hyperlink – all of the press releases and material will link back to the same source: your business’s website. With this optimized content, a new question arises, that of maintaining the integrity of your original concept.



By establishing a means to publish relevant content, you can control the balance of keyword density vs. linguistic integrity. A blog is a perfect solution for this purpose. With a blog, not only can you decide exactly what you want your audience to read, but you can link all of the material back to your website. All you have to do now is develop rich, keyword-heavy pieces of copy. With each and every new entry, traffic will increase towards your site from search engines and general web surfers. And the continuous addition of keywords relating to your business is a long lasting benefit.



Supposing you’ve sent out press releases and established a blog, what are some other possible outlets?What can you do now? Simply put: get your name out there, period. Try setting up a presence on different social networks. Your name and reputation will be visible to an expansive and interactive audience. As long as you maintain a good customer relationship and continuously link back to your website, your SEO work is practically doing itself. Consider even offering sponsorships or donation opportunities, anything that you can put your name on.


The point of PR is to get your name out there and the point of SEO is to build all necessary keywords associated with your business. With these two working together, you are guaranteed to succeed in increasing your business’s presence.

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