June 21, 2016

Is Google+ Still Important for Marketers?

Back in 2011, Google launched Google+ and expected it to challenge Facebook by creating not just a new social media platform, but a sort of all-inclusive profile that would include other Google products like Gmail and YouTube. As of today, Google+ has failed to live up to expectations and it faced serious backlash in 2013 after Google decided to require Google+ integration into YouTube. It’s been through its up and downs, that’s for sure… but is it still relevant for your business’ social media marketing plan? This blog will address that question and provide you with useful facts and data.

Is Google+ still relevant for your business’ social media marketing plan?

Google Authorship

In 2011, Google announced Google Authorship, which was going to allow users to claim personally created content online by linking it up with their Google+ account. The thought process behind Google Authorship was that writers would be able to build up a reputation with Google, like a columnist builds up a reputation with a local paper, except on a much larger scale. However, by August of 2014, Google Authorship no longer existed.

Whether Google+ succeeded as a social media platform doesn’t necessarily affect business owners and marketing managers. Here’s why: marketing on Google+ can still be used to grow your business because Google+ was essentially made for SEO.

Google+ should be part of your Social Media Marketing Plan.