April 9, 2012

Google, PageRank and SEO

Google has an established, simple score for websites and their pages. It’s called PageRank, and is a number between 0 and 10; ten being the best and zero the worst. A website’s PR is largely determined by its link popularity, meaning how frequently incoming links to it appear throughout the internet.

A website with a great number of inbound links can be assumed to be highly relevant, informative or popular, so Google assigns a high PR. IMPORTANT: Google emphasizes very strongly that link popularity or PR is only one factor that determines a website’s position in Google’s search engine results pages.

Google has other evaluation methods in place, most of which are aimed at lowering the rank of poor quality sites and raising the rank of high quality sites. For website owners, a few key factors are important for your site’s visibility.


Key Factors For Your Website’s Visibility

Generally speaking, a website should:

  • Contain quality content that engages visitors
  • Offer a great amount of user interactivity
  • Be deemed trustworthy and safe to visit
  • Load quickly and without errors
  • Be updated regularly
  • Give visitors a reason to return to the website

It has been said time and time again. Content is King. Google suggests focusing on building a solid, content-rich website, be aware of your link popularity, and always think about your visitors. PR is important, but should not be your only focus.


PageRank Case Studies:

URL PR Yr. Est. # of Monthly Visits
google.com 9/10 1996 Billions
facebook.com 9/10 2004 Billions
nike.com 7/10 1995 7.5 Million
gap.com 6/10 1993 33 Million
splendordesign.com 4/10 2000 27,000


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