February 25, 2011

Choosing a Web Design Firm

A client recently came to us exclaiming, “It’s the wild wild west out there!” He was referring to the difficulty and overwhelming complexity in contacting, meeting with and comparing website design firms. Since the advent of the personal computer, it seems like everyone under the sun believes they are graphic designers. And with all the readily available information and exchange of ideas and techniques among the web development community, the number of so called “web designers” has also skyrocketed.

So as a business owner, looking for a quality website, fair pricing and good service, how does one choose among the sea of web design companies? There are three suggestions we typically make to all new prospects:

  • Look at a company’s design work. Anyone with access to the internet and a PC can assemble some boxes and text, and even some stock imagery and background colors, and call it a web page. True professional designers adhere to fundamental principles of design – principles that are taught in reputable design programs/schools – in order to create a layout or design that is effective at communicating a specific message to viewers. A good website design is much more than boxes and text. If a bidding company can show you a portfolio of previous web design projects that appeal to you visually, then continue the conversation.
  • Ask for references. Either in the form of phone calls, written testimonials or client case studies, you should be able to learn about a company’s web design clients, their experience and their recommendations. If a web design firm is not able to provide some kind of reassurance or testimony, there might be a good reason…
  • Look for compatibility. When you are meeting with web designers, try to gauge the attentiveness of the people you are speaking with. If someone is quick to offer you an estimate or proposal without knowing your business, your market or your goals, then maybe they’re not dialed in enough to your needs. And if a web design company is unwilling meet with you or introduce you to their staff of both web designers and programmers, it might be a red flag that the work is being done out of the office, or worse – out of the country.

Of course, the budget for a web design project is always an important factor. But with all the gun-slinging cowboys out there in web design world, it’s important to remember that as a business owner, you are making a very important decision with regard to the marketing and overall future of the company. Price matters, true, but so does quality, integrity and value.

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