June 19, 2018

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Greener and Win Over Customers.

Is your company as green as it can be?

Besides sustaining nature for future generations, there are many reasons why you should make your company greener. Winning the favor of customers who seek out companies that have committed to protect the environment, and saving a bit of money in the process, is a great place to start.

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The majority of Americans — 88 percent — feel that protecting the environment through green business practices is very important, and 55 percent state they’d pay more to a company that was green.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to achieve the green factor.  In fact, there are many simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do as a business to make your company environmentally friendly.

Here’s 8 easy, cost-effective solutions to help you start reducing your carbon footprint today!

1. Install CFL or LED Bulbs

Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. Although you’ll pay more for these bulbs initially, they last longer, reducing manufacturing pollutants.

CFLs use less energy than standard bulbs, and LEDs use even less power than CFLs — consider these as an option where they work for your needs. You will quickly make back what you’ve spent on the bulbs by lowering your energy costs.

Check with your local utility company, as some offer bulbs at a discounted rate — or maybe even a few for free.

2. Recycle Everything

It’s common for even small businesses to recycle paper, but spend a few minutes taking inventory of all the waste your company produces. Add separate recycle bins for plastic beverage bottles and aluminum cans. Start a compost bin and using the compost for your outside landscaping, or allow employees access to it for their personal use.

These might sound like small changes — which they are — but they can have a significant impact over time.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard shows their greenness in a variety of ways to attract customers.

They’ve shifted their focus to be green in the way they manufacture and recycle computer products. The company devotes an entire page on their website to show their green practices and teach customers about their commitment.

3. Choose Green Partners

You can make a pretty substantial impact on the carbon footprint your company makes by also choosing vendors and suppliers that utilize green practices. Make sure the companies you order parts from are green. If you hire a PR firm, ask them how they strive to be more environmentally friendly. Or, choose a green web hosting company for your company website needs.

4. Help Customers Go Green

Another way you can reach out to eco-conscious consumers is by offering them products and services that allow them to reduce their carbon footprints. Highlight the ways your product allows the consumer to save money on energy costs and protect the environment in the process. Seek out materials that help the consumer accomplish this.

superior walls

Superior Walls does an excellent job outlining the ways their product helps the average consumer save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Not only do they explain their energy savings, but they go into detail about how the materials they use help sustain natural resources and improves air quality. They even describe the energy star rating and how they reduce on-site soil contamination and jobsite waste.

5. Be Trustworthy

Never stretch the truth about your green practices.

If you make a mistake, admit it quickly, apologize and fix it for the future. Sixty-two percent of people state they’re more likely to buy a green product from a brand they trust, and 72 percent say they’d pay more for a green product from a trustworthy company.

6. Educate Consumers

Take the time to educate your consumers on how to be more environmentally friendly. Not only can you make a massive impact on the world around you, but it also shows you’re genuinely committed to living as green as possible.

Let your customers know you’re passionate about protecting the environment, as well as teaching others how to do so.

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver is a well-known chef who pushes people to eat more vegetables and organic food. One way he does this is through education.

By uploading videos, making documentaries and posting on social media, Oliver informs his audience about how to introduce environmentally friendly products and foods into their daily life.

7. Hibernate Computers

It’s not always possible to completely shut off computers when away from work, as some programs may need to process or update while you’re away. However, you can get employees in the habit of putting their computers into sleep mode when leaving for the day.

Work with the IT department to install snooze features after a certain amount of inactivity and remind employees to put computers into sleep mode as part of their clocking out process at the end of each day. Your annual savings will be between $10 and $50 per computer, which can quickly add up.

8. Choose Green Office Supplies

You can save a lot of money and energy by reusing or purchasing green office supplies. Several products fall into this category, including pens and paper — people in the United States throw out about four million disposable pens a day.

Simply switching to reusable ink pens — which is cheaper over time — and using recycled paper are effective ways to benefit the environment.

You may pay a tiny bit more for recycled paper, but you’ll be saving trees.

Green Wins the Day

Simple changes at your business will allow you to save money on utility costs and attract eco-conscious consumers.

Your customers who already care about preserving the environment will stick with you for the long haul and tell their friends and family about your green practices. It’s also a great way to obtain the attention of new clientele as well!

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