January 26, 2015

10 Reasons To Up Your Solar Company Marketing Game

You’ve worked hard to build your solar company and each day you strive to grow your business. Word of mouth and quality work have gotten you this far, but where do you go from here? With more and more Americans looking to convert to solar energy, now is the perfect time to increase your solar company marketing in order to keep a leg up on your competition and to capitalize on the growing popularity of solar energy.

By working with a professional website design and marketing company, you’ll have an entire team dedicated to helping you to convert more business. Splendor Design Group has over 15 years of extensive experience in the solar industry. We focus on these 10 key marketing factors:




Splendor takes their time to get to know each individual client – What their goals are and what their company stands for. Together we’ll create a name, tagline, logo design, mission statement, and overall color palette and design scheme that represent your company’s unique spirit and ideals.




Your website is the ideal opportunity to highlight your solar company’s strengths and unique services, and encourage customers to move forward and work with you. Giving individuals a practical way to reach you turns potential customers into paying customers.



Print design / Print collateral

Using your custom logo design and expertly worded marketing copy, Splendor will create eye-catching and captivating print collateral targeted at your solar company’s target audience. This could include everything from mailers and posters, to business cards and trifold pamphlets.



Social media presence

The phrase “word of mouth” has come to include online referrals and reviews within the increasingly online-dependent market place. A strong social presence shows that as a proprietor dealing in increasingly popular solar technology, the importance of social technology and online customer engagement is not lost on you.



Search engine optimization

Having a website for your solar company is incredibly important to the success of the business. However, with the growing number of solar energy companies entering the marketplace, it’s important to ensure your website doesn’t get lost in the mix. This is why targeted keyword usage and search engine optimized copy and website content becomes crucial to the visibility of your solar company website.



Press releases

Gain local visibility and build trust through brand recognition all while driving traffic to your website. Use this as an opportunity to not only educate potential clients abut your company, but the benefits of solar energy as well.



Client testimonials

There’s no more satisfying feeling than a job well done and when a customer is thrilled with the service you’ve provided. Share your happy customers’ enthusiasm and let potential customers know whom they can trust with their home’s solar energy needs.



Media relations

From content development to public relations, we ensure that your company’s unique message and solar expertise is broadcast to the appropriate media platforms.



Blog posts

Another great way to optimize keywords and drive traffic to your website, blog posts are also a perfect opportunity to give your solar company a voice and a personality. By sharing industry related blogs, anecdotes, or project write-ups, you’re gaining trust and building an online rapport with your followers.



Converged media

A healthy formula of paid, owned and earned media, as covered by the above topics, results in an ideal, all-powerful combination of media. The effect is a very potent symphony of outreach and branding that reaches your target audience in virtually every possible forum.

You have an invaluable skill set and a remarkable product to offer. Just by running your business you’re bringing sustainable solar energy to your community. Let Splendor help spread your message to your customers.



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