First impressions are everything.
Splendor has built hundreds of websites and won hundreds of web design awards for businesses in just about every category. Yet our goal is still to make each and every website design a unique, compelling representation of your specific brand and your business. Our 100% custom designed websites resonate with visitors in a meaningful way to drive traffic and interest.
As a top website design company, our solutions incite action and help convert visitors into leads and sales. When marketing savvy, award winning design, and technical and strategic programming are balanced effectively, the result is a website solution that really works. And guess what? For 22 years, Splendor has been a top NJ web design agency that knows exactly how to make that happen.
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World-class website design company to build your brand online.

We have created over 300 custom-designed websites for our web design customers in NJ, throughout the US, and overseas. We are not a plug-and-play, template shop. We are a custom web design company that creates solutions to serve each business’ unique requirements. From simple online brochures to robust data driven portals, we engineer and integrate specific functionality into each custom website design we create. The result are web design services that help businesses grow and succeed.

We do web right,
and we do it well.


We’re design snobs.

Yes, you read that correctly. With custom website design, brand savvy, artistic creativity, technical & programming chops, and marketing expertise, Splendor provides unrivaled solutions for website design across many industries. Splendor produces intelligently designed websites to give you powerful, branded visibility around the world. That’s the kind of mojo we bring to the game. Isn’t that the kind of player you want on your team?


Website design is more than a grid of boxes and text. It’s more than a fancy rollover effect or video background. It’s more than a template off the shelf that you fill with your content. In order for a website to pull its weight, it must be planned and orchestrated to look, feel and function as uniquely as your business itself. From the information architecture to the features and functions to the system you use to manage your content. Your website should be uniquely yours. That doesn’t happen by accident. And it doesn’t happen without a professional, experienced website design company behind the process.


We program custom functionality into just about every website we build.


Adam Taylor - Splendor Founder & CEO

Our Website Design Process:


Getting to know your business

As we begin the process for a custom website design project, we investigate and explore your industry, your competitors, and your unique strengths and offerings. We also discuss design styles, the user experience you desire, and personal preferences to fully understand the task at hand.


Architecture and backend structure

As NJ’s top website development company, we map out very specific outlines for content page sections and total page count. We identify specific functionality required, and the user flow throughout the site. We identify targeted areas and actions we will drive visitors toward, and formulate a comprehensive plan.


Sketching out the flow and placement of elements

During the wireframe phase of our web design services, we create simple, content-less blocks in a flexible layout to illustrate the general positioning of elements on the pages of your website. We are able to quickly identify which elements require priority placement without getting stuck on the details.


Laying out the vision for the site

As a top website developer, we start with layout concepts for the homepage, which set the pace for the remaining sub pages. We design as many general “types” of layouts as we will need for various content sections of the page. The visual design phase brings the website design to life.


Backend code, programming, and web development

Once the visuals are approved, we slice and program our layouts into working web page code. The team at our website development company creates HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript that we integrate into a content management system (CMS). This system ultimately allows you to manage your own website.


Flowing in content, text, imagery, videos and more

Once the programming is complete and the CMS is in place, web design agency works within this system to build out all of the individual pages, inserting your content and imagery, adjusting things with an expert designer’s eye.


Test, review, repeat

As the pages are being built, the functionality of the website and its framework goes through extensive testing by our website developers to ensure that the layouts, pages and specific features work as intended across all modern browsers and devices.


Hosting & Security

Depending on the size of the website, the features and data it involves, and how much traffic you anticipate, our team of website developers will recommend a host provider or manage your website hosting for you. We can also manage security for you once the site goes live – from firewall protection to malware scanning and cleanup.


Taking the website live

After extensive testing, the site will be packaged and prepared for launch. Our web design agency will upload all of the files needed, import databases and run migration scripts on your web host server, and again test to make sure everything is buttoned up.


Keeping the site active & healthy

Once the website goes live, it is important to make sure the software, plugins, and extensions are kept up to date. This helps to minimize your site’s vulnerability to hackers and attacks. Our web development company provides monthly maintenance to keep your site secure.


Leading Web Design Company NJ

Splendor has been a pioneer in the world of creative website design for over two decades. Our agency has been at the cutting egde, with a wealth of experience in crafting custom website projects, creating websites that captivate audiences and deliver solid results.

Unlike many digital agency startups that rely on website templates and DIY systems, we take a unique and custom approach to every website project. Nowadays, the website is the virtual front door to your business, and it needs to cut through the noise. Our team of expert web designers and developers work closely with you to understand your business objectives, target audience, and brand identity to create a website that truly represents your unique value proposition and unique differentiators.

Our creative work is expressed effectively through cutting-edge design, seamless functionality, and intuitive user experiences that resonate with your audience. We believe that every website should be a work of art, complete with intelligent laout, intuitive copy and typography and a user interface that tells your brand story, engages visitors, and drives conversions. From visually stunning layouts to seamless navigation, our websites are designed to leave a lasting impression and inspire action.


Custom Website Design and Development

What sets Splendor apart from other agencies is our creative, custom approach top each and every project. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, nor in the quick and easy templated aproach. Instead, we take pride in creating bespoke websites that are customized to your business or organization. Our team of skilled designers and developers push the boundaries of web design, employing the latest technologies and trends to create websites that are both visually stunning and highly functional.

Our dedication to excellence has earned us numerous accolades, making us one of the most award-winning web design firms in the United States. Our track record of success speaks for itself, with a portfolio of exceptional websites that have delivered measurable results for our clients. From video integration to motion and animation, the interfaces we design are engaging and effective.

When you choose Splendor as your web design partner, you are getting the best of the best. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to identify your vision, and bring it to life through a creative, custom website that sets you apart from the pack. We turn away generic templates and cookie-cutter designs, and embrace the unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship that our creative team brings to every web design project.

Web Design NJ

If you want your company to get attention online, you’ll need a great website. However, it can’t just be something that builds off the mold. Web design from NJ puts things on a different level; imagine having a website customized to your specifications – to your creative vision. All of that can be achieved by taking a chance on web design from NJ.

Web Design From NJ: Why Is It Special?

Getting attention online is tough but web design from NJ can help make that easier. Web design from NJ developers have the uncanny ability to get attention. You’d want your visitors to be more than just folks skimming through your website. You would actually want them to stick around, explore, and contact you after what they have seen. Only with web design from NJ will you know that they are finding your site and looking at your content.

Others would put off making a website as something easy but you’ll learn that web design from NJ is a lot more complicated and it takes more precision and creativity to execute. Here are a few points that make web design from NJ important for your business:

Web Design from NJ Is Not Based on a Template

Standing out from the rest of the crowd is always integral to getting people on your website. While templates are rather easy to work with, they tend to become monotonous and predictable. That is when a custom-made site out of web design from NJ comes into play. There is literally nothing like it thanks to web design from NJ and since it sticks out, people are bound to flock over to your site later on.

Web Design from NJ Creates Solutions Unique to Businesses

The way problems are solved in one group will always be different from how it is done in another. While the convenience of a template is great, web design from NJ holds that there are some solutions that can only be applied to a site if it is made from scratch.

While it does sound tedious, it is what makes web design from NJ so rewarding. Not only will your creative vision be optimized by web design from NJ to fill in a site – it will also have unique features only possible through web design from NJ. These features can be like feedback forms, eye-catching online brochures and other material that will enhance your website.

Thanks to web design from NJ, your website’s material is not put there just for show. Each of these are intelligently made to make your customer’s experience on your website an interactive one. Just from those factors alone, web design from NJ helps your business flourish and grow exponentially.

Web Design From NJ Is Always Adapting and Changing

If you want your business to persist, you’ll need web design from NJ and one of its best qualities: adaptability. Like anything else, web design from NJ is never stagnant. It evolves depending on the task right at hand and that allows those using web design from NJ to flourish as a business.

While it does push boundaries, web design from NJ is more for always being one step ahead and meeting every contingency with a back-up plan. This ensures minimal errors that can be dealt with in a snap; yet another reason as to why web design from NJ is integral and important for your business.

Take a Chance on Splendor Design Group’s Web Design from NJ

If you need a team to help you create a stand-out website guaranteed to get clients on board, then team up with us. Splendor Design Group’s web design from NJ developers makes great websites with eye-catching content but also makes sure that your business is headed for success and nothing less.

As the pride of New Jersey’s creatives, we will also help you overcome every challenge at every step of the way. We guarantee the steady and exponential growth of your brand. It’ll be our pleasure to discuss the terms of our partnership with you.

Creative Services that Work

If you’re a business owner, you can grow your enterprise by building your brand and creating a demand for your products or services. This can happen through a solid marketing campaign that captures the essence of your company in a manner that attracts potential customers.

However, thinking of a creative strategy and executing a campaign based on it can bechallenging. That’s why most businesses hire an experienced and reliable creativeagency that will focus its energy into showcasing your brand and offerings in the best waypossible. From social media to web design, you can rely on them to tell your story successfully.

Splendor Design Group is New Jersey’s leading web design, branding, and marketing agency. We focus on delivering powerful and captivating messages, perfect fortoday’s audiences. Our team is comprised of passionate problem solvers that have decades of experience in the industry.

Your Partner in Creativity

At Splendor Design Group, we believe that great work starts with great partnership. Our team doesn’t simply produce exceptional creative outcomes. We make sure tolisten attentively to each of our clients so we can better understand their business model and provide them with optimal solutions.

By forming a close relationship with you, we can work like an extension of your company. This will allow us to solve your business challenges easier. Together, we can uncover what makes your company unique in its category, create interest in your business to build brand affinity, and more.

A Full-Suite of Services Just for You

If you’re wondering how we can help you, Splendor Design Group offers elegant and effective creative solutions just for your business. Here are some of the services we offer in every project:

  • Branding

As a businessowner, you must understand the importance of good branding for your company’s success. A great brand can tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Splendor Design Group can help you articulate how you want to appear in front of your audience in the long run.

When you partner with us, we can take care of the following tasks to build your brand:name and tagline, logo and identity, positioning and messaging, graphic design, brochures, and collateral. Our team will make sure you’re all set for your future campaigns with a distinct and unique brand.

  • Web + Interactive

In today’s world, most people turn to the internet to look for things they need. That’s why it’s almost a requirement for any business to have a website that communicates their brand and promotes their offerings. Furthermore, you should invest in mobile and app development to better customer experience.

You can rely on Splendor Design Group for custom web programming solutions, website design, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), app development, and more. We have been a top NJ webdesign company for 20 years, so you can rest assured that we’ll provide solutions that really work.

  • Marketing

After devising a strategy, you need a comprehensive marketing campaign that will bring your vision to life. At Splendor Design Group, we use our digital marketing expertise and various approaches to ensure you reach your target audience.

Our team follows a comprehensive process before executing a campaign that resonates with your customers. We follow these steps to reach marketing success:

  • Define Your Goals
  • Identify and Segment Your Audience
  • Articulate Your Message
  • Select Distribution Channels
  • Create a Timeline
  • Publish and Distribute

Our marketing services include social media, online advertising, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and more.

Reach Out to Us on Your Next Project

Hire a creative agency that has experience and proof of success. At Splendor Design Group, we have won more than 245 awards in our 21 years as an agency. We attribute our success to our creative thinking and personalized approach, which give our clients theresults they need. Do you want to create an effective marketing campaign for your business? Call us today.