Custom Video Production in New Jersey

And… action!
Splendor delivers conceptual, high-level video production services. From smaller corporate videos to drone fly-throughs to large scale commercial broadcast productions, we do it all – from writing scripts through the final edit and mix.

Custom Video Examples

From single camera shoots to Superbowl spots.

Our award-winning writers and directors can showcase your brand in ways you never thought possible. We are experts in blending information and entertainment and have produced countless videos and commercials for brands large and small.

Enhance Your Brand with Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production stands as an effective strategy for bolstering a brand’s presence and resonance. Telling your brand’s story with visual narratives through corporate video empowers your business to convey your mission, values, and offerings in a remarkably engaging way. Brand videos, when expertly produced, serve as dynamic storytelling vehicles that transcend traditional marketing boundaries, engaging audiences more than any other single medium.

Splendor takes a very holistic and brand-centric approach to video production, ensuring our custom video production aligns with your branding and marketing goals. With a clear purpose and strategy in place, video production can boost your brand and take your business to the next level.

We have decades of experience in video production, from the smallest single camera shoot in a studio to multi-camera, large scale production shoots for some of the biggest brands in the world. And our creative team is always excited to work with clients to uncover their ideal approach, and craft a video production program around that vision.

Custom Video Production of All Shapes and Sizes

Splendor is an NJ-based creative agency, and our expertise in award-winning video production spans a diverse spectrum of formats. From dynamic live-action shoots that capture authentic moments to mesmerizing motion graphics that bring abstract concepts to life, our adept team harnesses the power of video production, skillfully crafting narratives that resonate effectively with audiences.

Drone video production for large real estate projects create compelling stories, while product demonstrations showcase innovation. Behind each video project lies meticulous planning, location scouting, and pre-production. Our creative video team has flown around the world to produce high-impact video spots for clients of just about all varieties.

Beyond shooting and video production, our professional video editing ensuring breathtaking transitions and compelling storytelling. Our dedication to crafting impactful content through video production, editorial and motion graphics is a highly effective marketing vehicle for brands. Our video production drives engagement, enhances brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections in today’s overcrowded and noisy digital landscape. Splendor loves to bring your vision to life through our diverse and innovative video production capabilities.

Custom Photography Examples

Capturing the perfect shot at the perfect moment.

When the time is right, custom photography can sell a company or project in brochures, ads, and on the website. Our team will orchestrate the schedule and shoot thoughtfully and execute for success.

We can create compelling images and videos that will help reinforce your message on the web, via social media, in print advertisements, direct mail campaigns, corporate presentations and more. Showcase a new service or share a customer testimonial with your audience. Taking advantage of these tools can add great value to your entire marketing campaign. Engaging your potential customer as much as possible is key.

Video and photography have the highest retention and engagement of any medium available today.

World-Class Video Production by Award-Winning Creative Agency Splendor

In the realm of captivating visual storytelling, video production stands as an essential element for businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression. Splendor, an award winning video production company and creative agency, reigns supreme in crafting world-class videos that engage audiences like no other medium.

Elevating Brands through Video Excellence

At Splendor, the commitment to excellence in video goes beyond production; it’s about telling your brand’s story in a way that really connect with your target audiences. Each video project we take on starts with a plan, a strategy, and a vision. And the production process involves a very deliberate blend of creativity, artistry, and technical prowess. The agency’s commitment to detail ensures that every frame is plays a part in the experience, presenting a compelling story that engages and resonates with viewers.

Developing a Solid Video Strategy

Splendor’s video production begins with an intimate understanding of client objectives. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, the team dives deep into the DNA of the brand, identifying key messages and unique advantages.

Employing cutting-edge technology and a visionary approach, Splendor brings concepts to life, taking ideas and fleshing out visually stunning realities. From script development to storyboarding to filming and post-production, each phase is coordinated with precision, ensuring a high impact final product.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience in Video Production

Splendor’s accolades as an award-winning creative agency are a testament to our expertise and extensive global experience in video production. Our team is made up of experienced, professional Creative Directors, who harness their diverse skills and extensive experience with production for some of the world’s biggest brands, to deliver videos that blow expectations off the charts. Our portfolio boasts a wide array of video projects spanning nearly every industry, from corporate narratives to superbowl TV commercials.

The Splendor Difference

Splendor is a highly experienced, expertly skilled and tremendously creative video production company. The agency’s quirky creative spirit keeps us ahead of trends, coupled and passionate about storytelling. All of this translates into exceptional video content for our clients and their brands. The seamless combination of artistic creativity and technical know-how results in visually dazzling videos that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Collaborate with Excellence

Partnering with Splendor for video is sure to result in innovation, creativity, and a relentless stream of communication. In fact, our client service is often pointed out as often as our creativity. Not too many video production companies or creative firms can say the same. Whether amplifying your brand, increasing visibility, or driving traffic to your website, services or products, Splendor crafts video masterpieces that always exceed expectations.