Colors have the ability to symbolize a brand’s personality and because of this, they are equally as important as the logo design and name of the brand itself.

Famous brands understand this and have chosen their palette strategically. Are you able to match the color to the famous brand?

Put your memory and color spotting skills to the test here!

Which famous camera brand uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Which famous clothing brand uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Which network uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Which provider uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Out of these well-known wine brands, which uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Which soda beverage brand uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

What provider uses this color?

Correct! Wrong!

Which automotive brand is known for their sleek, grey logo?

Correct! Wrong!

Which famous food brand uses this color logo?

Correct! Wrong!

Out of the following, which brand uses a simple black colored logo?

Correct! Wrong!

Can You Match The Color With The Iconic Brand?
You DON'T Know Your Brand Colors!

Better luck next time...
Not Bad!

You did alright! Study up and try again!
Good Job!

Congrats, you killed it!

You got almost every question right, awesome job!
WOW, 10/10!
You got 10/10! Nuff said...

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