branding, logo design, and corporate identity

Your brand is arguably the most valuable asset your business owns. Your image, your voice, and what people say and think about you relates directly to the success of your business. Your brand can differentiate you from your competitors, and earn trust and confidence from clients and customers.

your brand can set the tone for the entire lifespan of a business relationship.

elements of your brand

name and tagline formulation

For new operations, divisions, organizations, and products, the name of the offering or business can be a glorious moniker or a disastrous misnomer. We can collaborate and strategize with you to create a name that resonates and sticks. Beyond name exploration, we also develop taglines and slogans that more clearly define what you offer and explain your values. Splendor has created meaningful names and taglines for many businesses, helping position them for success.

logo & identity

What your customer sees in the first critical moments sets the pace. Your logo design is the face of your company and should be a memorable, high-impact visual representation of what you offer. Splendor firmly believes that hiring a professional to create your company logo design is about the smartest investment you can make as a business owner. A unique and distinct logo sets you apart and sets the pace for your entire advertising program. Not only will your initial impression be strong and convincing, but so will the rest of your marketing materials.

our approach to branding

The process of creating a unique brand for your company starts with extensive investigation. We take a deep dive with our clients and ask important questions about you, your business, your market, and your mission. We also research and learn about your industry to observe your competition, and understand what sets you apart.

understand your
product or service

identify distinct advantages
within your market

We combine the information we gather from you with our years of experience and artistic expertise to define and create a compelling brand that communicates success to your customers.


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From name to logo to message to strategy, we brand for success.
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