Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are built upon users connecting with other users, groups, brands and businesses, sharing news, photos, videos, and opinions by the billion.

In the business world, social media has also become an important resource many people turn to for education and information, advice, and research. This is true for consumers and, increasingly, for businesses as well. Splendor creates effective social media campaigns that connect your business or organization with a well targeted audience, in places where they are already actively engaged.

We connect your business or organization with a well targeted audience, on social networks where they are already actively engaged.

social media marketing strategy


By defining your objectives and identifying your audience, we can create, verify, and optimize social media profiles for your business on the proper networks. We first establish your brand and your corporate voice, and then create the platforms to build upon.


Frequent and optimized posts keep your brand in front of your audience; however, our publishing remains fluid in order to react and respond to the dynamic news, opinions, and developments in your industry. For B2B businesses, we provide consistent links back to your website.

analytics, tracking, & monitoring

Social media analytics are invaluable in providing very granular data that can make the most of your efforts and improve your social media campaigns. We measure your program’s success and guide the effort to constantly improve engagement and conversions among your audience.

As today’s buyers and decision makers become more savvy and better educated, the opportunities social media provides become more valuable. From lead generation to establishing thought leadership to customer service, the social space is ripe with opportunities, and our social media programs help you make the most of them.

Our social media programs keep you top of mind in your customers' discussions and decision-making processes.


We encourage new and potential clients to explore our customer case studies and see first hand the comprehensive solutions and programs we have created for clients.

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