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Carriage House Imports is a liquor import company that oversees, manages, and markets several popular and up-and-coming alcohol brands. Splendor has worked with Carriage House extensively on multiple initiatives for several brands, covering just about all channels of the traditional and digital marketing universe.

Mike Arons, Carriage House


Award Winning Design

Some of the award-winning marketing projects we have produced for the many brands managed by Carriage House Imports

  • identity development
  • tagline formulation
  • custom website design
  • print ad design
  • social media strategy
  • SEO
  • banner and display design
  • press releases
  • blog posts
  • custom photography


Liquor Web Design



Liquor Web Design

The Figenza website takes full advantage of some beautiful custom photography, which was strategically and artfully directed and produced by Splendor. The large scale, epic imagery adorns the screen and makes a beautiful statement, which is followed through by elegant and relatively minimalist layout and design through the website pages.

custom photography

Marketing Company NJ

Splendor conceived and orchestrated an engaging social media marketing campaign for Figenza. From concept to content to imagery to publishing, our initiatives were creative, original, and clever. The result was highly effective at creating buzz.

Marketing Company

Figenza goes international: because fig.

Verdi Website

Verdi Spumante

Verdi Spumante and Verdi Sparkletini are leaders among the Carriage House family of brands. Verdi is immensely popular across the country, and is available is most major markets. The website design provides important information about the brand, as well as a searchable database of retail locations where Verdi can be found.

Splendor has crafted several PR pieces for Verdi, covering topics such as new flavor or line announcements, as well as to highlight the brand’s philanthropic efforts.

Verdi PR

We have also created several print advertisements for Verdi. These eclectic ads resonate powerfully with a specific segment within Verdi’s target audience.

Scoops Age Gate

Pop-Up Banner Design

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