Custom Development, WordPress Development and Programming

If you can dream it,
we can build it.
Splendor has been building custom websites, tools and systems since our early days in the late 1990’s. Before website templates and pre-built, off-the-shelf themes, we built and developed things the old fashioned way – by hand. Since then, the progression and evolution of technology and digital and interactive media has been amazing. The sheer number of libraries, scripts, and, of course, templates means that anyone with access to the internet can assemble a website relatively easily. But Splendor has remained focused on a custom-built solutions model, because, quite frankly, it’s better.

Custom Website Development

Form and function follow you.

How a website, app, or tool looks and feels is defined as the UI (User Interface), and it needs to look beautiful to captivate your users. How it works is defined as the UX (User Experience), and it needs to deliver the goods to keep users engaged. When the UI and UX are in harmony, magic happens. Users get what they want while navigating through a delightful, elegantly designed system.


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WordPress is a tool, not a design.

Splendor was an early adopter of the WordPress platform. We are veritable experts in WordPress – designing and developing powerful, user friendly, custom websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS) for over 10 years. Out of the box, WordPress is a very user friendly system. Splendor takes it one step further and customizes our WordPress installations to match our clients’ specific requirements. Whether you are familiar with html code or are a technology newbie, our content management systems provide an environment in which you can work intuitively.


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Custom functionality, programmed expertly, to meet your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an information dashboard, process automation, online portal, or an entire digital product from start to finish, Splendor has the knowledge and experience to ensure successful execution. Why squeeze your process into an off-the-shelf solution? We have created dozens of custom applications for a wide variety of purposes. Our team manages and executes development projects to do exactly what you need them to do.

"We like this platform, but it doesn't include everything we want."