before you start shopping:

When undergoing a website design (or redesign), start by identifying your goals and objectives with your team. Think about considerations such as:

  • how to best incorporate your brand’s aesthetic
  • interactive visual elements like video, rollovers and animation
  • total number of pages and organization of site pages
  • effective visitor paths & flow through various sections of the site
  • specifying target actions for visitors
  • identifying any special backend functionality your require
  • maintenance and support post-launch
  • marketing the website, SEO and building traffic

Then discuss your overall goals and objectives with potential providers. Generally speaking, there are three types of service providers in the industry: Freelancers/Solo Practitioners, Boutique Designers/Marketing Firms and Advertising Agencies. Below are three general summaries of each type of provider, to help you make sense of what your options are.

independent website contractor

Bottom Line: Less than $10,000.


Bottom Line: $15,000-$75,000 (depending on the size/scope).


Bottom Line: $100,000+.

These explanations are intended to provide some basic descriptions to help you compare different types of providers. Of course, you may stumble across a brilliant and highly capable freelancer, or a top-level, white-glove large agency at a great rate. But in our experience, somewhere in the middle is the right place for most, assuming you are a small- to medium-sized business, looking to make your mark with a unique, custom-branded web design.

Splendor Design Group believes an educated client is our best client. Stay tuned to our blog for insight in the world of everything design, web, and digital media. Have something to add? Connect with us on social media – we’d love to hear from you (links below).

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