Industry Focus

A customized approach for each and every business.

Splendor works with a wide variety of clients that share a common bond: they all value creativity and expertise in our process that creates, promotes and strengthens a brand. We work with businesses that have a plan, a reasonable budget and an appreciation for our process and our time.

Clients we work with typically range from mid-sized businesses with up to 500 employees down to smaller, locally- or regionally-based businesses. Smaller businesses or start-ups may also be a good fit, if the business has a plan, a reasonable budget and an understanding for our in-depth process.

Partnership opportunities

Splendor also works with a number of different types of businesses in the advertising and marketing universe. We work with ad agencies, PR firms, design studios, tech/programming houses and software firms that seek a creative partner for website development, as well as added creative power for branding, print design, and digital marketing projects.

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Our approach, since our early days, has been customized for each and every business.

We pride our selves on relentless communication and learning the ins-and-outs of every business that we work with, and industry that we work within. Not only are we design snobs and digital marketers, but we’re researchers and we’re analysts that can think about the big picture and what you need to succeed among the competition in your space.

We encourage new and potential clients to explore our customer case studies and see first hand the comprehensive solutions and programs we have created for clients.