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Splendor Blows Minds with Brookdale TV Commercial

Splendor was recently commissioned by Brookdale to conceive and produce a television commercial to help raise awareness and dispel some common misconceptions about the school.

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Big Projects, Big Results! 2017 Award Recap

We’re excited to announce that Splendor earned 26 design awards in 2017, with several standouts among our construction and commercial real estate clients.

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Why Clean Web Designs Are Powerful and Elegant At The Same Time

Trends in web design these days are hard to get away from, new interesting layout approaches and cutting edge functionality are constantly arising and gearing the web design approach. Read about why design matters and the rules of design here.

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web design client

How to Be a Better Web Design Client

The web design process can be unfamiliar territory for many business owners. These 6 tips can help you get the most out of your experience.

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The Big List of Website Faux Pas

Don’t underestimate the value of a positive user experience. How many of these website faux pas have you encountered?

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freelance web design

Pitfalls of Working with Freelancers & Independent Web Designers

In most aspects of business, one has the option to work with a freelancer. It can be a good way to save some money, but as with all cheaper options in life, sometimes you end up paying for what you get.

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independent website contractor

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

How much does a website cost? As with most other services one pays for in life, value is proportional to skill level.

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Responsive Web Design

Why Website Design is So Important

Good website design engages visitors on a number of emotional levels, which is the first step to converting them into a buyer.

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Why Can’t I Use That Font On My Website?

A fundamental consideration to the user experience (UX) and the overall design is the choice of fonts that you use.

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Increasing Your Conversion Rate in 2016

How does one legitimately get more customers for a client through organic searches? Here are great SEO tips for 2016.

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8 Reasons to Break Up With Your Website

In light of Valentine’s Day having recently passed, let’s take a look at reasons to break up with your website!

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Web Designer NJ

Q&A with Splendor’s Art Director Michele Fulton

We played Q&A with Splendor’s Art Director Michele Fulton to discuss hierarchy of type, her experience as a teacher, & how her experience relates to the work she does now.

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Home Page Design Challenge

To the trained eye, a successful homepage design implements certain priciples of design in a way that makes the page easy to read and digest.

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Tuscan House Website

Splendor WordPress Showcase

No two companies are the same, and their websites should reflect that. WordPress puts cookie cutter websites to rest and presents tremendous opportunity for creative website innovation.

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WordPress Features

10 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

If you’re a website designer, programmer, code writer, or blogger there are some pretty great WordPress plugins and features, that you probably didn’t know about, designed to make your life easier.

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Pantone Color Guide Online

We have put together a helpful resource for graphic designers, printers and website designers. Our online Pantone color guide gives a relatively accurate representation of standard PMS colors!

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Font Design

An Interview with Jason Walcott of Jukebox

Typography is the art of arranging letters and words – a.k.a – “type” within a design or presentation.

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Award Winning Design Studio

Award Winning Design – ‘Tis the Season

Our design team here at Splendor labors all year long in the pursuit of clear, effective and visually dazzling graphic design.

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Web Design NJ

Client / Designer Relationship

This video is hysterical, but, sadly, not far from the truth.

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Ambigrams = Cool!

An ambigram is a piece of typography that may read the same – or completely differently – when perceived from another direction or rotation.

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Fonts to Avoid

Splendor Says: Rules of Design #2

Typography is an all-important element in graphic design. From logo design to website design and everything in between, a well designed and properly executed piece of type can make all the difference in the success of the work.

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Web Design NJ

Splendor Says: Rules of Design #1

In our new Splendor Says: Rules of Design series of posts, we’ll give a little insight into some of the guidelines that influence our design process.

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red bank new jersey advertising and design

Splendor’s New Design Studio Space

The new creative design studio is happy in the new studio space which offers lots of light, inspiration from the active and bustling town of Red Bank, and a gorgeous new office space.

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Photos of the Studio

Have you seen pictures of our new studio yet? Located at 50 Broad St. in Red Bank, NJ, this is our wonderful home!

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Web Design NJ

Colors of Fall

Time brings anew. The colors of the world don’t stay the same for too long, most notably in autumn.

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