It’s difficult being a small business owner trying to find new and inventive ways to grow and maintain your business. Getting your name out there to gain new clientele while keeping your business fresh and relevant is a delicate balancing act. Luckily, having a small business website ensures both aspects are taken care of. Having a website created for your small business enables you to produce new and interesting website content to your target audience to draw in that valuable business. Now – you’ve already decided that having a small business website is necessary but you may not know what to expect from the process. How much involvement should I have in the creative process? Will I have final say in what’s published? How long will it take? Here to ease your mind are the answers to these questions.


How much involvement should I have in the creative process?

Ultimately the answer to that question is up to you. You can have as much or as little involvement in the process as you feel comfortable with. However, keep in mind you did choose a professional web design company like Splendor Design Group for a reason. You can feel confident that the website design team really listened to what you envisioned for your small business website and that they will deliver. A good website designer will be sure to ask you questions and keep you updated along the way so you can feel comfortable throughout the process.


Will I have final say in what’s published?

Absolutely! You’ve hired your NJ website design company to build something very specific – and a good web designer will want to make sure you’re getting everything you envisioned. You’ve paid for a service – you should get exactly what you want! REMEMBER though to keep an open mind to certain aspects of the process. Something you envisioned may not be the best or most efficient way to present your small business website. Your website design team should explain any issues to you that arise and come up with an alternative that you are comfortable with. A good website design team wants your small business website to succeed just as much as you do because it will be a direct reflection on the work they can do!


How long will it take?

This is the trickiest question because there really is no concrete answer that fits everyone. The size and intricacy of the website and the amount of website content you need all factor into completion time. However, your website design company will realize that you may be under a certain time constraint. Once you’ve decided what you need and how soon you need it the website designer will always work to complete the work within the timeframe discussed. It’s VERY important to remember, however, that in most cases the web designer can only work as quickly as you – the client – allow. This simply means that there are many times throughout the process that the website designer will need something from you before they can move on to their next step. This could include text, pictures, graphics or simply an “ok” from you on a logo design or website content. If you’re able to maintain a good line of communication with your NJ website design company they will be able to work more efficiently.

Splendor Design Group believes an educated client is our best client. Stay tuned to our blog for insight in the world of everything design, web, and digital media. Have something to add? Connect with us on social media – we’d love to hear from you (links below).

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