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A good social media marketing campaign must incorporate more than the simple thought, “we’re going to tweet X times a day.” That simply won’t be effective, social media marketing revolves around adapting. Marketing Tech Blog reports that social media isn’t often found to drive direct purchases unless it’s by way of a discount or a promotion. However, social media is more often used to discover by word of mouth, a source for discussion for research and a source to connect – via people – to a company. Because it’s bi-directional, it’s quite unique from other marketing channels.

A Duke University study predicts that typical social media marketing budgets will more than double over the next five years, up to 18%. Keep these simple, yet effective tips and facts in mind the next time you think about your social media marketing strategy. If the study’s prediction is correct, those who invest now (and evolve over time) will be ahead of the curve.

Social media marketing will not necessarily deliver customers to your doorstep, but it has become a prominent and essential tool for branding, communication, and reputation management/client relations. How much a business spends on social is an individual and personal decision, but it is important regard it as an investment in the future of the business.

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