Converged Media

earned media

Earned media encompasses non-paid media coverage and “word-of-mouth” buzz about your brand, product or services on various social media platforms. Simply stated, earned media is when an outside party communicates about your brand, product or services to their audiences.

The writer, blogger, editor (and publisher) has decided your organization is worth a story. Without hiring a writer or designer, or paying for a spot, your efforts are recognized and published by a third party source, and free from any compensation requirements. As a consumer, it is easy to imagine the credibility this type of coverage creates.

shared media

Shared media encompasses the social networks and technologies controlled by consumers. Your brand’s advocates and influencers live in the shared media world. They represent a significant opportunity to amplify your brand messages and stories.

paid media

Paid media is the term used to describe when a client pays to reach specific audiences via tactics such as ads, sponsorships and paid SEO.

owned media

Owned media consists of any content self-published on the brand or company’s social media pages and websites, examples can include customer testimonials, case studies, white papers, blog posts and videos.

When executed in conjunction with paid and owned advertising and marketing efforts, earned media will have an enormous impact. The end result is a successful combination of converged media, where paid, owned and earned media all work in harmony with a much greater chance of success.

Splendor operates cooperatively with an in-house, strategic partner on marketing initiatives like this. For small to medium-sized businesses who are serious about effective marketing, we can put together a comprehensive program, tailored to a specific budget, that accomplishes a well-rounded combination of all three types of media and maximizes their benefits to you.


A successful converged media effort lead by Splendor can include a wide variety of specific projects and deliverables, such as the following:

  • branding/logo design
  • print design and collateral
  • website design and development
  • search engine optimization
  • social media profiles
  • directory listings
  • media relations
  • client testimonials
  • blog posts
  • press releases


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