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5. customer testimonials

Using the same logic behind case studies, customer testimonials and lists of high profile clients and projects instill trust in potential customers. In the commercial construction business, if a potential customer were to see a business that they respect under a list of your clients, it might inspire them to work with you. Honest customer testimonials are extremely valuable, and with the help of a good PR team, they can all be rounded up into an aesthetically pleasing, informative place.

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8. branded messaging

Brand messaging should be looked at as the one thing that ties every piece of content about a commercial contractor’s business together. Obviously every piece of content created about a business should not have the same exact message, but they should all relate to each other. Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition that is conveyed in a company’s content. When buyers think of certain brands, certain intended characteristics arise.

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Any commercial contractor looking to expand their business should look to their online presence first. If these ten aspects of web design for commercial contractors catch your eye, think about expanding the horizon of your presence on the web with Splendor Design Group.

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